Dont hesitate to contact us for any questions that you may have, send us an email or a message.

Step 1: You pass the interview in which you will present your idea.

Step 2 Choose your product. You sell what you believe.

Step 3: Choose the name of your store, and we will buy you that domain. 

Step 4: our graphic designer will build a logo with the colors and theme of your choice.

Step 5: Let us build your website. it can be on Shopify or an independent website, you choose, we pay.

Step 6: Choose how you want to spend the monthly marketing budget that we provide to you. if you want to use your budget for Facebook ads, influencers, SEO, Instagram, or any other way you can think of.

Step 7: have a free consultation session with one of our dropshipping gurus and get pointers and directions on how to get started.

Step 8: Be ready to work on your freedom! Always be you! 

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