How To Buy The DSN Token

  • First, we need to install a decentralized application (DApp). This program allows you to
    connect with the blockchain and also works as your crypto wallet.
    We are going to use Metamask.
  • First, we need to Download Metamask -click on this link.  (you can also download
    on Android and iOS but they are buggy so it is best to use a desktop/laptop)
  • Click ‘Download’ and use the appropriate web browser for yourself- this will be used
    as an extension in your browser. You can’t miss it- you will see the fox logo on the
    upper right-hand corner of your browser. (it’s preferred to use Google Chrome)

● When creating a wallet, or what Metamask calls a ‘vault’, you will see a set of 12
seed words for your vault. Click ‘Save Seed Words as File’ and make a physical copy
of the MetaMask Seed Words- keep in a safe place. You will need it to access your
vault/wallet and if lost you won’t be able to recover your money. This is a very
important step.

  • Congratulations- to some of you this will be your first wallet and welcome to Crypto.
    Next step we need to connect Metamask to the Binance smart chain because right
    now you are using the Ethereum mainnet (ERC 20) and we need to be using Binance
    smart chain BSC (BEP 20) –here is the link from Binance.
  • The quick version is to click on the Ethereum
    mainnet at the top, then we click Custom RPC and input the following information:
    Network Name: Smart Chain
    New RPC URL:
    ChainID: 56
    Symbol: BNB
    Block Explorer URL:
  • Now we have the Binance Smart Chain in the list. The tick shows we are now
    connected to that network- it’s important every time you plan to use BSC to
    make sure metamask is connected to this
  • Now that we have a wallet and are connected to BSC we need to fund the wallet with
    Binance Coin (BNB). BNB is what powers the Binance Ecosystem. We can get BNB
    from signing up to Binance and buying BNB with fiat (cash).
  • Once we have BNB we need to transfer our BNB to Metamask; we do this by copying
    the Metamask address, going into our spot wallet in Binance and clicking ‘Withdraw
    BNB’. We then paste the Metamask address in and make sure you click BEP20 (it is
    always good practice to send a small amount first to make sure you have done the
    steps right).
  • We are now funded and ready to rock! Let’s go get some crypto on Pancake Swap.
    Open your internet browser, log into your Metamask and search for PancakeSwap
    (PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX launched by anonymous
  • Click here to connect to  Pancake Swap and get instant access to the DSN token already in the swap. 
  • Click ‘Connect’ in the upper right-hand corner- this will link Pancake Swap to your
    Metamask wallet.
  • Now, all we need to do is swap from BNB or another coin you want to use in exchange of the DSN token.

  • Last thing we need to do is check the Metamask Wallet for our tokens right away. You
    will notice nothing is in your wallet, but don’t panic, it’s there. We just need to add the
    token by clicking ‘Add Token’ and switching to ‘Custom Token’, then paste the
    address of the DSN token.
    This is the address :

Congratulations ! you are now a proud holder of the DSN Oficial token and all you need to do is hold and your token amount will grow by itself.